WrestleMania VII Re-Envisioned

An historic Royal Rumble took place, and a new champion was crowned as a result of the 30-man over-the-top-rope main event spectacular. The next event is the seventh annual WrestleMania!

WWF World Title

A couple weeks after winning The Royal Rumble, Hulk Hogan made a much-hyped appearance on WWF Superstars. He thanked the fans for believing in him during the long journey between his previous title reign and this one, and said he couldn’t do it without them. Sgt. Slaughter then showed up and talked about how he made a long journey, too, coming to WWF after time away, and loving the fact that the fans welcomed him back. But then he saw the fans turn on him by not showing their support for him when he was injured. Slaughter claimed that they only supported him because he carried around the American Flag, and that’s why they cheer for guys like Jim Duggan and Hulk Hogan. Hogan talked about how his Hulkamaniacs aren’t just his fans because of the fact that he’s a “Real American” Hero. That’s when Slaughter got in Hogan’s face and said he wasn’t a hero, that he was a joke, and that he wasn’t a real man, and he’s a fake and the fans are stupid for believing it. Hulkster said not to insult the fans, so Slaughter backed up, then charged in and knocked Hogan down. Slaughter backed off, the fans booing his antics.

After that, Slaughter was gone for a couple weeks, but then we heard he was returning to make a statement. When he showed up, Sgt. Slaughter had The Iron Sheik with him and started calling The Sheik a National hero that the fans should show more respect towards. As Slaughter verbally ran down Hogan, the fans really started a huge chorus of boos. Hogan eventually showed up and said he was tired of Slaughter’s antics. Slaughter talked trash about Hogan, getting Hulkster to agree to a match with The Iron Sheik the following week. During the match, Slaughter interfered, getting The Iron Sheik disqualified, leaving Hogan bloodied. Two weeks later, Hogan made the challenge to fight Sgt. Slaughter at WrestleMania for the belt. Slaughter showed up and accepted the challenge and stood face to face with Hogan, neither man backing down.

Ultimate Warrior vs Randy Savage

At Royal Rumble 1990, Randy Savage found a way to defeat the young upstart Ultimate Warrior to retain the WWF Championship. At Survivor Series 1990 just a few months later, The Ultimate Warrior stopped Savage from cheating against Sgt. Slaughter, and a Gorilla Press Slam ultimately helped put an end to Savage’s reign. At The Royal Rumble, Randy Savage ensured The Ultimate Warrior didn’t win the WWF Championship, eliminating him from the Rumble even after he was already out of the match. The night after the Rumble, The Ultimate Warrior called out Randy Savage, and the two immediately started brawling. WWF Officials had to pull them apart. For weeks, they each sought out the other, finding themselves in a brawl some weeks, and other weeks not encountering one another at all. During an exhibition match, Randy Savage took some of his aggression out on The British Bulldog – the man who had eliminated him from The Royal Rumble. After their exhibition, Savage went to use a chair on him, but The Ultimate Warrior thwarted those plans as he sprinted in for the save.

Intercontinental Title

Mr. Perfect was very braggadocios about having retained the Intercontinental Championship against The Texas Tornado at The Royal Rumble, and said that he would have to spend time finding a worthy opponent for WrestleMania. The British Bulldog stepped up and said that he demands to be considered, and whatever tasks he has to do, he’ll do. Mr. Perfect made British Bulldog run through hoops, facing several opponents along the way, and when Davey Boy Smith faced The Texas Tornado, interference from Mr. Perfect resulted in The British Bulldog getting the win via disqualification. Two weeks later, as The British Bulldog faced Randy Savage in an exhibition, Mr. Perfect showed up to scout the situation. After The Ultimate Warrior showed up to even the odds, Mr. Perfect walked back up the ramp with Randy Savage. The two thought about charging the ring, but Perfect thought better. Jack Tunney then booked a tag match two weeks before WrestleMania between Mr. Perfect & Randy Savage against British Bulldog & Ultimate Warrior.

WWF World Tag Team Titles

Three weeks after The Royal Rumble, The Legion Of Doom defeated The Nasty Boys in the finals of the tag team contenders tournament, earning themselves a title shot against The Hart Foundation. Two weeks before WrestleMania, the two teams met face to face and The Hart Foundation said they knew all about the accolades and accomplishments that The Legion Of Doom had amassed to that point, but that they weren’t impressed. The Legion Of Doom answered back that they were a tag team unlike anything that had crossed paths with The Hitman and The Anvil to that point, and said that there would be no doubt about who the better team was by the end of the night at WrestleMania. Not wanting anything to be a fluke, The Hart Foundation got the stipulation set that it would be a Best 2 Of 3 Falls tag match, which the spiked shoulderpad warriors were more than happy to agree to as a stipulation.

Undertaker vs Jimmy Snuka

In the weeks leading up to WrestleMania, The Undertaker was beating a variety of opponents, putting them in bodybags after the match. Then Paul Bearer, as part of his Funeral Parlor vignettes, started talking about how The Undertaker had set his sights on a more legendary opponent for the biggest stage. One week, Bearer invited Jimmy Snuka to The Funeral Parlor, and the two had a short interview where Bearer spoke in eerie terms about how The Undertaker was destined to be a legend, and that along the way, other legends would fall before him. Suddenly The Undertaker stepped out of a casket on set and choked most of the life out of Jimmy Snuka. In the weeks which followed, Snuka had a noticeably different look on his face, one more devoid of emotion than normal.

Natural Disasters vs Demolition

A week after The Royal Rumble, Mean Gene Oakerland interviewed Earthquake and Typhoon, and they announced that after realizing how unstoppable they were as a team leading up to The Royal Rumble, that they’re devoting their efforts to teaming up and going after the WWF Tag Team Championships. In the few weeks which followed, they destroyed all of the jobber tag teams set before them, one of which had three members. After that match against the three members, The Natural Disasters (as they were calling themselves now) were visited by Crush and Smash of Demolition. In a word-less staredown, Demolition made it known that they were up to the task of trying to take on the behemoths.

The Rockers vs The Nasty Boys

Having been defeated by The Legion Of Doom in the finals of the tag team contenders tournament, The Nasty Boys went on a rampage backstage, destroying the catering room and one of the locker rooms. In their rampage, they tore up the in-ring attire of The Rockers, forcing Shawn Michaels and Marty Jannetty to have to compete in jeans and a tshirt. Becoming increasingly verbal, Shawn Michaels got an interview with Mean Gene Oakerland where he ran down “those fat slobs” about how they didn’t even deserve to have been in the ring with The Legion Of Doom anyway. Backstage, Jannetty got jumped by Knobbs and Sags. In the two weeks it would take for Jannetty to get back to full strength, Shawn Michaels took on each member of The Nasty Boys in singles competition. The first week, he defeated Jerry Sags via roll-up and escaped the ring when Brian Knobs tried to attack him after the bell. The next week, Sags got involved during the match, giving Shawn a win by DQ, but Marty Jannetty was there for backup before things got out of hand, clearing the ring as he evened the odds.

The Mountie vs The Big Boss Man

Letting it be known that the Canadian law enforcement organization was far superior to anything in the United States, The Mountie said he was more than happy to carry their banner and spread the word around the world at how great they were at upholding justice. The Big Boss Man showed up and talked about how The Mountie using shock stick cattleprods wasn’t upholding justice, it was perverting it. When The Mountie tried to catch him off-guard with the cattle prod, Boss Man knocked it away with his nightstick. In the weeks leading up to WrestleMania, the two had words for each other back and forth, and after The Mountie stole the nightstick, The Big Boss Man showed up during one of The Mountie’s matches and stole the cattle prod, leading to The Mountie getting pinned by The Texas Tornado. From there, The Mountie demanded that The Big Boss Man face him at WrestleMania.

Tito Santana vs Rick Martel

They were once tag team partners, until Rick Martel became selfish and turned on Tito Santana. At last year’s WrestleMania, Tito Santana thought he had ended the feud between them with a victory, but at The Royal Rumble, The Model reignited the flames with Santana by spraying ARROGANCE in his face. That act left Tito Santana partially blind, unable to compete in a WWF ring. As The Model mocked him week after week, it lead to Tito gaining an audience with Jack Tunney and the booking committee, convincing them to setup a match at WrestleMania. To account for Tito Santana’s vision loss, Rick Martel will compete with a blindfold on his face, evening the odds by giving him the same impairment.

The Million Dollar Championship

In the fallout from the Royal Rumble, Ted DiBiase talked about how he had big things in store for 1991, and that he was going to take on the WWF on a whole new level. His frustration over not winning the 30-man over-the-top-rope spectacular was evident, and he chided Virgil for not supporting him. After yelling at Virgil in the middle of the ring for a full three minutes, he smacked Virgil in the face and told him to improve. At that point, Virgil had had enough, and he ripped off his shirt and tie and shoved DiBiase, then bodyslammed him. The Million Dollar Man tried to fight back, but Virgil boxed him, and in the flurry of jabs, DiBiase dropped to the mat and left the ring. In the coming weeks, Virgil was interviewed about having defected from DiBiase, and it became clear that Virgil never liked the tasks he was told to do, and he had many regrets about his past actions. DiBiase responded a week later by saying that Virgil never complained about the money he was getting for these tasks, never refused to do something, and always cashed his checks. He said it was just another example of everyone having their price. Virgil showed up, wanting to get another piece of DiBiase. This time, The Million Dollar Man tried to buy him off, offering to pay him to leave well enough alone. DiBiase gave Virgil credit for being an athlete and a decent boxer, and asked him to be in a tag match with him. DiBiase wrote him a big check and handed it to Virgil… who then proceeded to rip it up and he challenged DiBiase for the Million Dollar Championship at WrestleMania. DiBiase tried to beg out of it, then laughed off the challenge. When it became apparent that Virgil was serious, he reluctantly agreed.

The Faces Of Fear vs The Oriental Express

Bobby Heenan made it known that he was always scouting new talent for The Heenan Family, even if they didn’t seem like traditional competitors he would normally associate himself with. He approached The Oriental Express and talked about how competitors from across the seas were some of the fiercest competitors he had ever seen. When The Oriental Express bowed, showing appreciation for what they thought was a compliment, Heenan laughed at them and said he was talking about The Faces Of Fear, who were about to make an example out of them. Haku and The Barbarian showed up, dressed alike, and they brawled with The Oriental Express, eventually getting the advantage. A couple weeks later, The Oriental Express found Heenan and told him that they were unimpressed, and they would be the ones making an example at WrestleMania, as their request was granted for a match against The Faces Of Fear!

Other matches announced for WrestleMania VII:

The Texas Tornado vs The Warlord

The Bushwackers vs The Bolsheviks

Koko B Ware vs Jake “The Snake” Roberts

Jim Duggan vs Honky Tonk Man

Now that you’ve seen the list of matches… check out how the show played out with The WrestleMania VII results!