This Christmas In Texas 1991

In the fallout from Survivor Series 1991, it was determined that with the many competitors looking for opportunities to shine, waiting for Royal Rumble to have a pay per view event wasn’t an option.

Saga of The Immortals

On the very first show after Survivor Series, Sgt Slaughter called out Hulk Hogan and delivered a very sincere apology. He said that the way things happened at Survivor Series made him feel sick to his stomach, and for the past few days he had trouble sleeping. Hitting Duggan with the flagpole was like a lightswitch for him. He had already apologized to Duggan, but when that didn’t help, he knew he had to apologize to Hulk Hogan. Before Hogan could accept or reject the apology, Ric Flair showed up. He mocked Hogan for losing the match and ran him down as a phony for all these years, posing as one of the top guys in the business “while THE MAN was taking care of business down South”. He said that he wouldn’t be surprised if Hogan fell for the lies of Sgt Slaughter, and that he almost felt sorry for Hogan. The Hulkster started to talk about how many people had tried to kill Hulkamania, but none of them had succeeded, and when he got a chance to get his hands on The Undertaker, he’d get his belt back. That’s when Sgt. Slaughter got to “the matter at hand” and challenged Ric Flair to a match. The following week, Flair defeated Sgt. Slaughter with a little bit of underhanded tactics, locking on his Figure Four and not letting go. That brought Hulk Hogan to ringside, which convinced Flair to release the hold. Suddenly the gong sounded and The Undertaker walked to the ring, and Hogan got Sgt. Slaughter and exited, helping get him away from Flair and The Dead Man before any more damage could be done as the duo were out-numbered with Slaughter hobbled. The following week, Hulk Hogan was giving an interview backstage when The Undertaker showed up, attacked him from behind and started choking the life out of Hulkster all while Paul Bearer spoke about how not even Hulkamania could escape The Grim Reaper. Sgt. Slaughter showed up and battled The Undertaker away. That night, it was announced that Ric Flair and The Undertaker would team up at the upcoming This Christmas In Texas pay per view against Hulk Hogan and Sgt. Slaughter.

WWF Intercontinental Championship

The Mountie bragged about how his performance at Survivor Series just goes to show how dominant Canadians can be, and how he was happy to represent his great nation as its hero in WWF. The following week, Intercontinental Champion Bret “The Hitman” Hart spoke about how The Mountie was a disgrace to Canada and the uniform he wore to the ring each week, the Royal Mounted Canadian Police, one of the most noble professions in his homeland. Following that up the next week, The Mountie spoke a few words about how Bret Hart didn’t speak for all of Canada, and that he had been lucky to avoid The Mountie all these months or he wouldn’t still have the Intercontinental Championship. That night, The Mountie had a match and he tried to use the cattle prod, but Bret Hart had shown up at ringside and kept him from reaching it. The Mountie then made the challenge for the Intercontinental Championship, which Bret Hart gladly accepted.

WWF Tag Team Championships

The Legion Of Doom squared off against The Faces Of Fear the second week after Survivor Series, defeating them handily. They then cut a promo where they said that they were willing to take on any tag team which felt like they were able to put up a good fight. The Beverly Brothers showed up the next week and talked about how pathetic The Legion Of Doom was, wearing facepaint and shoulderpads. They talked about how a real tag team doesn’t need to hide behind such things, and that the only reason LOD had the belts is because there weren’t any other good teams on the roster. When Legion Of Doom heard this, they welcomed the opportunity to face Beau and Blake.

Other Matches

Following his work as a referee in the big main event a couple pay per views prior, Sid Justice has had a couple matches on Superstars where he essentially just destroys a no-name talent and then Powerbombs them. He mentioned that he would like some real talent, speaking to the cameraman backstage one week. That’s when the WWF decided to book him at this pay per view against “El Matador” Tito Santana.

The British Bulldog is having trouble gaining momentum in the singles division and wants to get back on track after his team lost at Survivor Series. The Model Rick Martel has other plans, however, in making his return after losing to his former tag team partner much earlier in the year at WrestleMania.

Bret Hart’s younger brother, Owen Hart, makes his WWF debut after wrestling overseas. He does so with Bret’s former tag team partner, Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart, who is returning from injury. To test their skills as a team, the WWF has booked them against The Orient Express, a duo very strong in teamwork.

Not a fan of how The Berzerker runs around, doing whatever he pleases, not being accountable to anyone, The Big Boss Man got booked in a match with him, saying it was a bit of payback for what The Berzerker did to Boss Man’s team member back at Survivor Series, sending Nikolai Volkoff to the hospital with a bruised neck.

The Nasty Boys and The Natural Disasters argued over why they couldn’t get along back at Survivor Series, and because of it, WWF said they had to team up one more time in a four-on-four, with one of the teams needing to prove themselves the better duo. Their opponents would be Virgil, The Bushwackers, and Nikolai Volkoff.

Aggravated over how DiBiase paid Skinner to get them both counted out at Survivor Series, Roddy Piper said it didn’t matter who the opponent was, that if someone crossed him the wrong way, he’d make them pay. When Skinner showed up to laugh at Piper for falling for the trick, Rowdy Roddy attacked him. The duo had to be pulled apart by WWF officials.

Ted DiBiase gave an interview about how some guys just needed to retire and stop embarrassing themselves, and he mentioned that Jim Duggan was atop that list. The 2×4 wielding, “HOOOOOOO!” chant-leading competitor showed up and said that he didn’t have nearly as much money as DiBiase does, but that he loves wrestling and would fight to prove he deserves his spot. The Million Dollar Man said that he was going to put Duggan on the shelf, and that if he decided to stay there, DiBiase might even buy him a new suit for when he looks for work elsewhere.

Gloating about the big victory with Team Flair at Survivor Series, Kerry Von Erich talked about how The Texas Tornado was now going to be known simply as “The Tornado” because he didn’t want to just associate himself with Texas. And he wanted to get a match with the only high-profile opponent with whom it would make sense he would fight around Christmas time… and he selected Koko B Ware. The announcers talked about how Koko B Ware clearly wasn’t the name they thought Von Erich would choose, since The Birdman hadn’t done anything of note in months. The Tornado looked proud of himself, and Koko B Ware mentioned that he was looking forward to the opportunity to prove himself again.

Now that you’ve seen how all the matches came to be, check out the results for This Christmas In Texas 1991!