Survivor Series 89 Re-Envisioned

From top to bottom, here are the storylines and Survivor Series ’89 bookings stemming from the fallout at SummerSlam.

Hulkamaniacs vs Million Dollar Monsters

It seemed as though Hulk Hogan might be done with “Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase, but when Hogan and Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake were in the ring with Mean Gene, talking about how he would never let someone like DiBiase kill off Hulkamania, and how he’d always be there for his Hulkamaniacs, they were interrupted. At first it was just DiBiase and Zeus, which Hogan didn’t back down from, but then The Warlord and Barbarian showed up. If it weren’t for Luke and Butch, The Bushwackers, showing up to even the odds, the Million Dollar Monsters might’ve ended Hulkamania that night.

Team Roberts vs Team Savage

Having lost to Randy Savage at Summer Slam, Jake “The Snake” Roberts showed up and let the world know that what he saw in Savage’s eyes was fear, because he knew that The Snake almost got the best of him. Savage showed up and talked about how that’s the last time Roberts was going to get a shot at the belt, but any time he wanted a fight, he would be happy to oblige. Three weeks later it was announced that the two would be gearing up to be on opposite sides of a 4-on-4 Survivor Series match. Randy Savage got Akeem The Dream and Bad News Brown on his side, and when they confronted Jake Roberts about who he was going to have on his team, trying to intimidate him, the bagpipes started playing and Roddy Piper showed up! The other two members of Team Roberts and the final member of Team Savage will remain a mystery until the pay per view (though they didn’t really hype it, so don’t expect a big debut or anything).

The Heenan Family vs The Ultimate Warriors

When Mean Gene asked The Ultimate Warrior what his thoughts were on the Summer Slam match he had with Andre The Giant, there was quite a bit of mumbling about dark forces and uneven battlegrounds and debts to be paid. A week later, Bobby Heenan laughed in an interview about how The Ultimate Warrior seemingly wants another chance at wrestling Andre The Giant. He said that with Survivor Series coming up, he could easily put a team together, but he scoffed at the notion that Warrior could put together a team. Two weeks later, Bobby Heenan showed up after the Ultimate Warrior had a match against some jobber, with Andre The Giant, Mr. Perfect and The Brain Busters at his side. When they were standing in the ring, The Ultimate Warrior wouldn’t back down. Before any fighting could occur, a loud “HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!” rang out through the speakers, with Jim Duggan heading through the curtain. Beside him was Jimmy Snuka and Hercules (with a huge chain around his neck). The trio joined Ultimate Warrior in the ring, causing the bad guys to back off.

Team Rhodes vs The Rude Boys

Rick Rude was fuming over the “injustice” that occurred at Summer Slam, demanding he get another shot at Dusty Rhodes. When The American Dream showed up, he said that Rick Rude could have a rematch “all in due time”, but that the matter at hand was Survivor Series. Rude said there was no way that any team of commoners that Dusty could assemble could be good enough to overcome a group that Rude could put together. Over the next few weeks, Rick Rude analyzed talent backstage, looking for people fitting of his squad. He picked King Haku and The Big Boss Man, so he had royalty and the law “in his pocket”. Dusty Rhodes countered by showing he had recruited The Hart Foundation – Bret Hart and Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart – to be on his squad. Rude claimed to have found a key piece to complete his squad, but that Dusty would have to wait for the match. The week leading up to the event, Dusty Rhodes found himself face to face with The Blue Blazer backstage and got him to join the team as well.

El Hijos de Lucha Libra vs Team Essence

Tito Santana showed up in the ring and demanded that Rick Martel explain his actions at SummerSlam. What he found himself face to face with in the ring was a man who showed his true stripes, dressing in fancy clothes. Santana tried to talk to his former tag team partner, but Martel just started talking about how something smelled, and how he was having trouble standing there. Santana got offended and said that they were like brothers, but Martel seemed preoccupied by a “smell”. Then out of nowhere, Martel pulled out a huge atomizer from behind his back (underneath his jacket) and sprayed it right into Tito’s face. Martel then said that Arrogance made things all better. In the following weeks, Tito Santana went to Jack Tunney and demanded to have a Survivor Series match against his former partner. A week before the pay per view, Rick Martel introduced his team as The Fabulous Rougeaus and Dino Bravo. Tito Santana brought out Koko B Ware and The Rockers.

Now that you’ve read what the card looks like… now see the results as voted by our readers!


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