Survivor Series 1990 Re-Envisioned

From top to bottom, here are the storylines and Survivor Series ’90 bookings stemming from the fallout at SummerSlam.

WWF Title Match – Randy Savage (c) vs Sgt. Slaughter

A month after Summer Slam, Randy Savage showed up and celebrated the continuation of his championship reign, defeating a lowly, no-named challenger on Superstars. But then Sgt. Slaughter showed up and called Savage a disgrace as a champion and as an American. Slaughter claimed that the people deserved better, and that if the title was on the line or not, Slaughter was going to teach Randy Savage a lesson. Macho Man claimed that Slaughter hadn’t been back very long, and that he hadn’t proven himself over anyone on the roster yet. In exhbition matches, Slaughter defeated Ted DiBiase, Arn Anderson, Nikolai Volkoff and then Rick Rude (in a non-title match). Jack Tunney then made the official decision that Randy Savage would defend the WWF Championship against Sgt Slaughter at Survivor Series.

Team Hogan vs Natural Disasters

The victory by Hulk Hogan and The Big Boss Man over The Natural Disasters at Summer Slam wasn’t enough to put down the challenge from Earthquake and Typhoon. A couple weeks after Summer Slam, during Hulk Hogan’s first public appearance, The Natural Disasters showed up and attacked Hogan, doing enough damage before Big Boss Man showed up to put Hulk Hogan on the shelf indefinitely. When Big Boss Man recruited The Rockers to take on the two behemoths, they brought in The Barbarian as part of their squad to even the odds. A month before Survivor Series, Hulk Hogan returned and went after The Natural Disasters squad. They added Dino Bravo to even the ranks, and it was decided the two teams would settle things at Survivor Series.

The Heenan Family vs The Ultimate Warriors

Following Summer Slam, Mr. Perfect took a very public vacation from active competition, as he complained in vignette videos about how The Ultimate Warrior was getting preferential treatment despite not being half the wrestler he believes himself to be. When Mr. Perfect returned, he showed up ringside and watched Ultimate Warrior wrestle. Perfect rejected offers from The Ultimate Warrior to get into the ring. As Bobby Heenan was giving an interview, he, too, ran down The Ultimate Warrior. Hearing the comments, Warrior showed up. Heenan backed away, saying the The Ultimate Warrior never learns. Haku and Arn Anderson then showed up and attacked The Ultimate Warrior, with Mr. Perfect standing next to Heenan, laughing. The Ultimate Warrior tried to find a way to battle those who attacked him in the following weeks. When he found the opportunity against Arn Anderson and Mr. Perfect, he started getting the advantage, only to have Rick Rude come in to provide overwhelming odds. The Texas Tornado then showed up and cleared the ring. A week before Survivor Series, it was announced that The Hart Foundation would join The Ultimate Warrior and The Texas Tornado to face the members of The Heenan Family.

Team Rhodes vs The Million Dollar Team

When asked about the current state of the WWF, Ted DiBiase talked about how disappointing Dusty Rhodes was at Summer Slam, a night which could have brought about the end to Randy Savage’s title reign. Of course The Dream took those comments personally, and he stepped up to tell DiBiase that he might’ve failed to beat Savage, but that he came closer than anyone has – even DiBiase himself back when Savage’s reign started. The two got into a shoving match and were separated, and were told they could ultimately settle things at Survivor Series. The first man recruited was Rick “The Model” Martel, joining Team DiBiase. The following week, Dusty Rhodes announced that Tito Santana was quick to request a spot on Team Rhodes, and they in turn recruited The Blue Blazer. DiBiase announced that Virgil was joining their squad, though Virgil didn’t seem thrilled about being told what to do. After Jim Duggan lost to a cheating Virgil on Superstars, Dusty Rhodes and his Survivor Series partners showed up and extended the offer to Duggan. During an interview with Team Rhodes a week later, DiBiase showed up and announced that he had a fourth member of the team he had recruited to be an ally for months, and he would debut at Survivor Series as their fourth member.

Legion of Doom Debuts

For multiple weeks, short hype videos began airing on Superstars, telling of an internationally acclaimed tag team which was set to debut. The Rougeau Brothers claimed to grow tired of defeating lowly tag teams on Saturday mornings, and wanted to face the challenge of “real men”. With spike-adorned shoulder pads, war-paint, mohawks and revved-up motorcycles, the Legion Of Doom made their entrance onto the scene. The Rougeau Brothers tried to diminish the challenge, as the Legion Of Doom simply ran them off. A couple weeks later, the Legion Of Doom were having a tag match on Superstars and The Rougeau Brothers showed up, only to be run off by Hawk & Animal once again. The Rougeau Brothers were interviewed the following week about their intentions, and any tensions were downplayed by Jacques and Ray. Not letting them off so easily, The Legion Of Doom showed up and forced The Rougeau Brothers to agree to a match with them at the pay per view.

Demolition vs The Bushwackers

With great fanfare, Demolition made the announcement that they were adding a third member to the team, and a huge, young competitor showed up, Crush. When the trio got backstage and were asked about the upcoming Survivor Series event, The Bushwackers showed up to randomly join in on the celebrations. Suddenly Crush snapped, single-handedly leaving Luke and Butch on the ground. The fans quickly changed their tune with regards to the leather-and-stud adorned trio, standing firmly behind The Bushwackers. It was then announced that the two teams would square off at the pay per view.

The Bolsheviks vs Power & Glory

After a successful match from Power & Glory on Saturday morning Superstars, The Bolsheviks showed up and verbally ran down Hercules and Paul Roma on the mic, then attacked them in the ring. The next week, Hercules and Roma tracked down The Bolsheviks backstage and the two teams brawled.

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