SummerSlam 1991 Re-Envisioned

Just a few months removed from WrestleMania VII, the Summer spectacular is coming to Madison Square Garden. What matches will the champions find themselves in? Who will continue their rise, and at whose expense?

The Match Made In Hell

The first time Hulk Hogan made a public appearance after successfully defending the belt at WrestleMania VII, his interview got interrupted by Sgt. Slaughter and The Iron Sheik. Slaughter said that even though he didn’t win the belt, he wasn’t done with Hulk Hogan. At that point, the time for talking was over, and the duo attacked Hulk Hogan. After a couple minutes, WWF officials showed up and got Slaughter and The Iron Sheik to back off. Hogan got up and looked like he wanted to go after the duo, but he didn’t. A couple weeks later, The Iron Sheik and Sgt. Slaughter were being interviewed backstage, and they said this was just the beginning. Two weeks later, Hulk Hogan got interviewed again, and he talked about the “cowardly attack” that “the turncoats” made on him a month ago. That’s when Sgt. Slaughter and The Iron Sheik showed up again, and this time they wouldn’t let WWF officials hold them back from giving Hogan a beating. That’s when the fans erupted, as The Ultimate Warrior rushed out to help Hulk Hogan even the odds. There was some uncertainty whether Hogan and The Warrior were okay standing next to each other, but they didn’t fight. The next week, it was announced that Hulk Hogan and The Ultimate Warrior would put aside their differences to fight Slaughter and The Iron Sheik. A huge man by the name of Sid Justice was brought in to be the special guest referee. The crazed look in his eyes made people wonder who he would side with during the match, though he maintained his only job was to uphold justice.

Redemption and The Snake

The first couple weeks after WrestleMania, it was announced that Macho Man Randy Savage had not been heard from since his loss to The Ultimate Warrior, and then we found out that Savage was going to show up the following week to make an announcement. Macho Man showed up and talked about how he had reflected back on the past few years and saw some things about himself that he didn’t like, and he knew why. He had stopped listening to Miss Elizabeth and wanted to get back on the right track. He brought out Miss Elizabeth and then surprised her with a proposal, and she agreed. The next few weeks, Savage was riding on cloud nine, making good with the fans who grew to hate him over the past couple years. Then, during an interview with just Miss Elizabeth, Jake The Snake Roberts showed up, acting creepy and stalkerish. He left without incident through the crowd, just before Savage showed up. The following week, Savage called out Jake The Snake, and when Roberts showed up, Savage got in his face. Jake downplayed the situation where he approached Miss Elizabeth, but Randy Savage didn’t back down. When Jake made a veiled threat, Savage shoved him. When Roberts didn’t immediately retaliate, Savage began to walk away. That’s when Jake struck, beating down Savage and then locking his arms in the ropes. Jake Roberts got out the snake from his canvas bag and had it bite Savage on the arm. A couple weeks later, with Savage still on the shelf, Miss Elizabeth got interviewed again, and Jake The Snake Roberts showed up with his canvas bag. Macho Man ran out, chasing Jake Roberts away. After checking on Miss Elizabeth, Randy Savage chased Jake The Snake, at a full sprint.

Intercontinental Championship

In an interview, Bret Hart announced that Jim Neidhart had suffered an injury at WrestleMania and was going to be out indefinitely. Now “The Hitman” was going to take to singles competition until his tag team partner could return. When asked if there was a title he’d like to target, Bret Hart said he thought he’d have a great match if he got the chance to fight current Intercontinental Champion Mr. Perfect. A couple weeks later, Curt Hennig was asked what he thought about maybe fighting Bret Hart for the title. Perfect said that Bret would have to prove himself as a singles competitor, and that riding Anvil’s coat tails all those years didn’t prove anything. The following week, Bret Hart had a good match, and Hennig was at ringside to watch. The week after that, Mr. Perfect had a non-title match, and this time it was Bret who showed up to watch. After the match, the two got nose-to-nose, which resulted in a non-title match between the two being booked. As that match approached the time limit, Mr. Perfect tried to cheat, but Bret was ready for it, causing Hennig to walk off, the match ending at the time limit instead of Perfect getting counted out. Hart issued the challenge, and although Hennig said he still wasn’t sure if Bret deserved the match, the championship committee granted Bret the match.

Tag Team Championships

The new tag team champions, The Legion of Doom, had plenty to celebrate about following WrestleMania. They talked about how their worldwide success was now further validated with the championship gold. In the following weeks, The Nasty Boys made it known that they weren’t impressed by the belts OR all the wins that the Legion Of Doom had around the world. The Legion Of Doom didn’t let it settle long, and they confronted Brian Knobbs and Jerry Sags. None of the men backed down during the confrontation. Over the next few weeks, both teams had exhibition matches, and The Nasty Boys pretended a few of their opponents were Hawk and Animal and made lewd gestures towards them. After they did it a second time, The Legion Of Doom chased them away. In an interview the following week, The Legion Of Doom put out the challenge to The Nasty Boys, looking to shut them up once and for all.

Jim Duggan vs The Undertaker

Following the victory over Jimmy Snuka, the reign of terror continued as The Undertaker defeated opponents week after week, stuffing each of them in bodybags. After one of the matches, The Undertaker wouldn’t stop choking his opponent, and Jim Duggan rushed the ring with his signature 2×4 to get The Undertaker to stop. Though he relinquished the chokehold, The Undertaker didn’t back down from Jim Duggan, and WWF officials had to break up the two to avoid a brawl.

The Rockers vs The Natural Disasters

The tension was obviously mounting between Marty Jannetty and Shawn Michaels, with Marty not happy about how his partner had cheated during their match at WrestleMania, and Shawn unhappy that The Rockers lost the match because Jannetty didn’t stay in on the attack because he was frustrated with Shawn Michaels. The two decided to put it behind themselves and go after The Natural Disasters to get back in contention for the tag titles. Earthquake and Typhoon laughed off the challenge, but agreed to give The Rockers a match they’d remember. Leading up to SummerSlam, singles matches between the members of the two teams took place. Jannetty defeated Typhoon, but Shawn Michaels got disqualified during his match with Earthquake, which Jannetty wasn’t pleased with, but Shawn ignored his concerns.

Corporation Building

Not pleased with having lost the Million Dollar Championship to his former bodyguard at WrestleMania, Ted DiBiase was on a mission to try to find another associate to add to his “Million Dollar Corporation”. After scouting a variety of competitors week after week, DiBiase offered the job to The British Bulldog. When Davey Boy Smith said he needed some time to think about it, DiBiase didn’t take too kindly to what he considered disrespect, and he smacked Bulldog in the face. When Davey Boy got enraged, DiBiase tried to beg off, saying he was trying to wake The Bulldog up to the greatest offer he’d ever receive, but Davey Boy shoved him head over heels and then left. Two weeks later, DiBiase attacked The British Bulldog backstage, leaving him unconscious in the locker room with a couple one-hundred dollar bills stuffed in his mouth. It was then announced that the two would square off at SummerSlam.

Virgil vs The Warlord

After a few weeks, it was determined that Virgil needed to defend the Million Dollar Championship, or by contract, it would revert to Ted DiBiase. After a successful victory over a no-named opponent, Virgil started talking about how he would probably defend it again at SummerSlam. The Warlord showed up and made it known that he wanted the shot, and Virgil obliged.

Six Man Tag Match

Also booked for SummerSlam is a match featuring The Texas Tornado, “El Matador” Tito Santana and The Big Boss Man. They would be taking on the trio of The Mountie and The Faces Of Fear in a six-man tag match.

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