Echelon Wrestling

A group of long-time professional wrestling fans on Facebook decided that arguing about the current product was not enough to satiate their interest in the industry, so they decided to create a contest.

The Draft

Current and past, alive and passed, any wrestler was eligible for the draft. A wrestler could be selected on his or her own, and also as a member of a tag team (trios like New Day included, but only once as each. No selecting Papa Shango if someone else already drafted Kama Mustafa. If someone already chose The E + C Connection, then Rated RKO could not be selected as a unit. When a unit was taken, they can’t be booked separately on the pay per view(s), so your main event scene isn’t significantly benefited simply because you drafted D-Generation X and The Rock And Sock Connection, because booking The Rock vs Shawn Michaels doesn’t happen without their partners waiting for the tag. No restrictions were in place to stop you from drafting Shawn Michaels and Triple H separately and having them win your tag team titles as a unit, however. This concept appealed to many, and the field grew to include 17 individuals who would draft over the span of 20 rounds, culminating in an additional 5-pick-each round of free agency.

The Goal

Each of the 17 individuals set out to put together their best pay per view possible. But, for me, what good is a “WrestleMania” type show without the road leading up to it? There were too many questions. So whether you want to see what my “flagship” event was booked as, or whether you want to start from the beginning, I booked three events leading up to our big event.