Montreal Mirror: Spring Stampede (Apr ’98)

Spring Stampede ’98 Bookings

World Title Triple Threat Match
Sting (c) vs Shawn Michaels vs Hollywood Hogan

The six-man tag main event at Uncensored was supposed to determine which nWo faction could choose a representative to face Sting at Spring Stampede, but with conflicting decisions as to who won, the answer wasn’t clear. Eric Bischoff brought both groups together and said that even with all of their differences, the one thing they CAN agree upon is that they want to get the World Title off of Sting. When both groups agreed that they BOTH won the match, Bischoff decided to let both groups choose a team member to face Sting as part of a Triple Threat match. Once Hogan and Shawn Michaels were selected by their respective factions, the lights went out for about six seconds, and when they came back on, the only ones standing in the ring were Hollywood Hulk Hogan, Shawn Michaels, Eric Bischoff and a baseball bat-weilding Sting. Once it set in what had happened, Hogan and Shawn both rushed towards Sting, but the lights went out again for about four seconds, and when they came back on, Sting was gone. Throughout the month, Sting taunted both factions with similar antics.

World Tag Team Championship Match
The Outsiders (c) [Kliq nWo] vs Stevie Ray & Konnan [nWo Hollywood]

With Hollywood Hogan wanting to bring home all the gold to nWo Hollywood, he needed a tag team to go after The Outsiders. Having seen what Stevie Ray did to Booker T simply for feeling betrayed, Hogan recruited him to join the faction and asked him to team up with Konnan to go after the belts. The Outsiders said that the new nWo Hollywood tag team should have to qualify, so Stevie Ray and Konnan defeated The Faces Of Fear, Los Guerreros (Eddy and Chavo) and Saturn & Kidman. After the third of those matches, they were attacked from behind by The Outsiders who, after the attack, simply stated “challenge accepted”.

Cage Match
Raven vs Ric Flair

On the first Nitro following Uncensored, Ric Flair was giving a backstage interview about how close he had come to almost reclaiming the World Heavyweight Championship, and when the discussion turned to the nWo factions, Flair was approached by Raven. The leader of The Flock mocked Flair for being the Dirtiest Player In The Game back in a time where none of the other competitors could spell strategy, let alone use one. He derided Flair for being past his prime and a waste of space on the card, so Naitch poked back and said that Raven was just a young punk who was full of himself. Flair then made the challenge and said he was going to teach Raven a lesson the following week. During that match, Raven brought a chair into play, using it as part of a drop toe hold combination, busting Flair’s forehead open. While Nature Boy bled, Raven choked him with the side of the chair, prompting Chris Benoit to show up and run him off through the crowd. The following week, Flair said he wanted another match with Raven, and this time it was going to be in the old school version of the type of match Raven likes to have, challenging him to a Steel Cage match.

United States Championship
Diamond Dallas Page (c) vs Scott Steiner [nWo Hollywood]

Scott Steiner said that as part of nWo Hollywood’s plan to get all the gold, he was going to take on a guy who was the exact opposite of what a champion should be, a guy who should be shining shoes, not holding gold. After Diamond Dallas Page showed up, Steiner continued to talk smack by talking about Kimberley Page wanting to be with Big Poppa Pump. DDP said that Steiner talked a big game, but that he built his legacy as a great champion by defending the belt through fighting, and he was more than willing to rumble with Steiner.

“Rowdy” Roddy Piper vs The Giant

At first, The Giant didn’t want to give an interview about how he put Lex Luger on the shelf following their match at Uncensored, but then Roddy Piper showed up and confronted The Giant about it. He poked and proded, and finally Piper got The Giant to simply say that he didn’t regret what he did to Luger because Luger pushed his buttons, and he messed with the wrong Giant. Not liking the answer, Piper said that The Giant needed to apologize, a notion that The Giant laughed off. As The Giant tried to leave, though, Roddy Piper picked up a chair and started hitting The Giant with it. After a couple shots, The Giant turned around, grabbed the chair and threw it out of the ring. He glared at Piper, who slowly backed down and walked off, stunned at what The Giant had sustained. In the weeks that followed, Piper did an interview where he said that HE wasn’t sorry about what he did to The Giant, because the big man needed a wake up call. The Giant showed up and very sternly told Piper that apologies were over-rated, and that he needed to back off and mind his own business. Piper goaded The Giant on, asking if that meant The Giant was going to attack him too. Instead of attacking Piper, the interview set where they had been talking to Piper got torn apart by The Giant and thrown all over the place. Piper backed off. The following week, Piper and The Giant met up backstage, and The Giant asked if Piper was done crying about what he did to Lex Luger at Uncensored, and that’s when Piper said he wasn’t. The Giant mocked Piper for not being interested in taking Luger’s place, but Piper responded and said that the two of them should have a match at Spring Stampede to settle things.

Cruiserweight Championship
Chris Jericho (c) vs Syxx [Kliq nWo]

The goal of both nWo factions being to have all the gold, Syxx made it his personal mission to get the Cruiserweight title now that he had finally returned from injury. Getting some cheap wins over members of the Cruiserweight division, Syxx made his case to be #1 contender in the eyes of Eric Bischoff, who setup the match. Chris Jericho at this point was starting to get some positive reactions from the fans due to his zany antics, and his stock continued to rise as he mocked Syxx leading up to their match.

World Television Championship
Chris Benoit (c) vs Buff Bagwell [nWo]

The failure to win the United States Championship at Uncensored seemed to have fueled the fire in Chris Benoit, and the very next night he won the World Television Title. In a series of great defenses, Benoit retained the belt heading into the Spring Stampede card. Buff Bagwell made it known that he should’ve had a shot at it sooner, but he wanted to beat Benoit for the belt on a bigger, brighter stage “so that the fans and the guys in the back will have more proof that Buff is The Stuff”. Benoit laughed off the idea that Bagwell was a viable challenger and said that he was going to do everything in his power to finish off Bagwell as quickly as possible at Spring Stampede to show the world that Buff is a joke.

Kanyon vs Saturn

The two squared off as part of a tag team match at Uncensored, but it was obvious that as Saturn ripped the mask off of Mortis to take that aspect away from Chris Kanyon, things were just escalating. The two had some brawling encounters on Nitro, both backstage and in the ring, and so a pay per view match was inevitable.

Rey Mysterio vs Kidman

Coming back from a knee injury suffered a couple months prior at SOULED OUT, Rey Mysterio wanted to get back into the hunt for the Cruiserweight Championship. Having missed out on getting to take another step forward in the tag division on the pay per view, Saturn was clearly involved in a match of his own, so Kidman stepped up to challenge Mysterio.

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