Montreal Mirror: SuperBrawl VIII (Feb ’98)

SuperBrawl VIII Bookings

World Heavyweight Championship
Sting (c) vs “Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels [nWo]

Having won the main event match at Souled Out, Shawn Michaels became the number one contender to the World Heavyweight Championship held by Sting. With The Outsiders having joined him at the culmination of that match to take out Hollywood Hogan, who hasn’t been seen since that event ended, Shawn Michaels has taken the helm of the nWo and has acted as its leader. Sting says it’ll take a long time before he even considers forgiving Hollywood Hogan for turning his back on WCW, but he doesn’t like the way HBK and The Outsiders did things at Souled Out. As far as Sting is concerned, by taking over as the leader of the nWo, that’s just all the more reason he wants to successfully defeat Shawn Michaels at SuperBrawl VIII.

#1 Contenders Match to the
World Heavyweight Championship

The Giant vs Ric Flair

The final four remaining competitors in the Souled Out Battle Royal were paired up into a two-round tournament. Ric Flair defeated Lex Luger, and The Giant defeated Randy Savage. Now the stage is set for The Nature Boy and The World’s Largest Athlete to square off in the finals to see who becomes the #1 Contender. In the week before SuperBrawl VIII, The Giant met up with Ric Flair in the ring, and while he didn’t seem impressed by Flair’s lavish display of wealth, The Nature Boy made it known that he wasn’t going to be intimidated by The Giant’s size.

World Tag Team Championship
Steiner Brothers (c) vs The Outsiders (Hall & Nash) [nWo]

Harlem Heat no longer standing in the way of The Outsiders, with Stevie Ray nowhere to be found, Kevin Nash and Scott Hall made their case to be the top contending tag team in WCW – especially after beating World Champion Sting and The Giant in a tag match at Souled Out. When they randomly encountered the Steiners backstage, Scott Hall made a gesture towards Rick Steiner that had announcers speculating that The Dog-Faced Gremlin might secretly have an alliance with the nWo. The following weeks, Scott Steiner began to seem suspicious of his brother, who wouldn’t outright deny being a covert member of the new World order, relying instead on non-committal, indirect responses like “Come on, man, we’re brothers!” and “We’re tag team champions, I’d be a fool to give that up!”

United States Championship
Diamond Dallas Page (c) vs Chris Benoit

The Flock no longer coming after him and no signs of Raven, Chris Benoit was able to set his sights on other things, and when he said he wanted to get a title shot, Diamond Dallas Page actually stepped up. The two seemed to have a mutual respect for how hard they both were willing to fight, and they both seemed to be looking forward to the challenge. Leading up to the pay per view, they actually teamed up together when they each found themselves at odds with different members of The Faces Of Fear.

World Television Championship
Fought Under Raven’s Rules

Booker T (c) vs Saturn

Booker T had to take a week off from competition following the injuries he sustained at the hands of his brother during the Souled Out pay per view. Though everyone else seemed to understand the time away, Saturn made a comment about how surprised he was that a “fighting champion” would “sit home and collect a paycheck instead of doing his job”. When Booker T returned, he took care of business against a different opponent, and then approached Saturn about the comment backstage. The two brawled backstage and had to be pulled apart, and a match was setup the next week. During that match, things got intense and Booker T actually took a chair that Saturn brought into the ring and used it to knock out Saturn after setting up for an Ax Kick. The disqualification lead to another match being setup for the following week, but Saturn attacked Booker T on the way to the ring, so that match never took place, instead it was rescheduled for SuperBrawl VIII.

Lex Luger vs Randy Savage [nWo]

Blowing off some steam, Randy Savage talked about how he would’ve won the Souled Out Battle Royal if they had let it fight to a finish, and they wouldn’t need to get a #1 Contender tournament because he’d already set himself up as the rightful person to take on Sting at SuperBrawl. Backstage, Lex Luger responded to Savage’s comments by saying he was no stranger to things going strange at the end of a Battle Royal, and he wasn’t a fan of tournaments to setup title shots either, but that if the Battle Royal had finished, it wouldn’t have been Randy Savage coming out on top. The two met face to face backstage the next week when Randy Savage confronted Luger and said that if Lex had a problem with him, that Luger should say it to his face. Luger didn’t back down, instead saying that it was probably about time that they just settled their differences in the ring. The SuperBrawl VIII match was booked, and leading up to the event they had a tag match with Luger on one team and Savage on the other, which resulted in Luger pinning Savage’s tag team partner.

Goldberg vs Konnan [nWo]

Strength in numbers didn’t phase Goldberg one bit, and the night after Souled Out, Goldberg walked around backstage looking for the new World order. He found Brian Adams standing by himself and jawed at him for coming out to the Battle Royal with Konnan to eliminate him from the match. Adams jawed back, but Goldberg reminded him how quickly Goldberg was able to defeat him back at Starrcade. As Adams heard that, he started to smirk, and Goldberg was then attacked from behind by Konnan, leading to an opportunity for Brian Adams to get involved as well. When the two nWo members tried to taunt the downed competitor, Goldberg got back to his feet, and the nWo members decided it was a perfect time to make their escape. The following week, Goldberg was set to have a match against Buff Bagwell, but he was attacked on his way to the ring by Brian Adams and Konnan, and the match was delayed a week. This time, Goldberg walked to the ring through the crowd, much to the dismay of Adams and Konnan who were looking to jump him in exactly the same manner for a second week in a row. Goldberg was able to keep Konnan and Adams at bay long enough to pummel Buff Bagwell into a corner, then hit him with a Spear and then hoisted him up for a Gorilla Press… but instead of turning it into his trademark powerslam, he turned and threw Bagwell over the top rope, knocking down Konnan and Adams. The three nWo members considered jumping him, but decided against it. The following week, Konnan got on the mic and said they were tired of playing games with Goldberg, and they didn’t need to beat him down again, claiming they could do it one-on-one. Konnan then volunteered to fight Goldberg at SuperBrawl VIII.

Cruiserweight Championship
Belt Vs Mask Match

Chris Jericho (c) vs Juventud Guerrera

With the newly-won Cruiserweight Championship around his waist, Chris Jericho had a new-found swagger to him… much to the dismay of WCW fans. Though he proclaimed to be fighting on behalf of the fans, they weren’t buying into it. As a show of good faith, he gave Rey Mysterio a rematch, during which he tried to rip Rey Mysterio’s mask off. During the match, Mysterio would suffer a knee injury, and Jericho then had to find a new foil for his antics. Searching around backstage, he found Juventud Guerrera to look very similar to Rey Mysterio, and that’s who he started taking his aggression out against. After the backstage beatdown left Juventud nearly unconscious, Chris Jericho tried to take Juventud’s mask off, but was stopped by some luchadors. Taking to the mic, Jericho said he would give Juventud a shot at the Cruiserweight Championship, but only if he got to de-mask Juventud if he retained the championship.

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